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Michael Collins Piper

Michael Collins Piper, aged 55, died in a hotel room. 2nd of June 2015. Collins led the war against AIPAC and the ADL and the Kosher mafia when others now considered “experts’ knew nothing at all. News quickly spread about his “heart condition” and how he died of natural causes. Then again, Abe Foxman is still alive and Netanyahu’s attic portrait is oozing hideousity. Continue reading Michael Collins Piper

David Dees

David Dees must flee from Sweden is the headlines in a Norwegian internet magazine.

It was long a well-kept secret that the artist David Dees lived in Sweden, having moved from the United States seven years ago. Dees has been one of the Western world’s foremost champions of liberty through his revealing and thought-provoking illustrations.

Truth Does Not Fear Investigation.

– David Dees

Now David Dees of residence in Sweden have been located by the “no”, and this has changed his circumstances considerably. Dees has now learned how to be a COINTELPRO-sacrifice, through to go through an “invisible enemy” who locks himself in his house, which is included on his movements and often leaves small business card with the message “we know where you are – see what we are able to do unto you “.

COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) is a methodology that intelligence services in Western countries for half a century has used as a secret weapon to wake up citizens who are fighting for freedom, openness and democracy.

Dees takes these “shadow-attacks” on his person very seriously, and interprets it as a sign that he is no longer free to exercise their activities in Sweden. Here is the story in his own words:

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Philip Jones

Philip was retired from the police, and never slackened his oath of ‘serve and protect’ the innocent and community from evil. Let his own words make his epitaph, “Now, the choice is stark and singular; we either take back responsibility from those who would deny us the right to self determination, or submit to slavery. There is no `third way.` Should The State be Your Servant, Or You Its Slave?”

“Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.” a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to his wife on his way to the Senate on the Ides of March.
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Brendon O’Connell

Australia First Condemns Western Australian Political Police Arrest Of Pro Palestinian Activist And Condemns Labor Party And Multicultural Industry Complicity In Thought Crime Prosecution.
May 15 2009.

The arrest of a Perth man Brendon O’Connell, 38, for thought crime offences is condemned by Australia First Party as the very model of a KGB/Gestapo operation, that sort of political arrest once the target of liberal-democratic free speech advocacy. Not any more. Mr. O’Connell has criticised Israel and the Zionist ideology that underpins it in the treatment of the Palestinian people. This is his crime. Given that the so-called democratic Australian government supports Israeli state crime and offers up the lives of Australian soldiers, not to strike at Islamic militants but to defend the big-picture Zionist interest in the Middle East, we interpret this arrest as one of the most significant political free speech challenges of modern times in Australia. It strikes at the right of the Australian people to work out their own independent line on the Middle East.

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Bjørn Afzelius

There is a group in the world where everybody saying against them is either imprisoned, killed or die in early age from ‘sickness’; cancer and stroke is the most popular. This sicknesses can be indused by chemicals or eletronic weapons. They have the only religion you are not allowed by law to critizise; The Holocaust Religion, and fosterering the myth of beeing ‘Gods Chosen People’ they can kill so many women and kids of other faiths as they like.

Swedish entertainer Bjørn Afzelius died in 1999, only 52 yrs old, of cancer (found in 1997).  He was making his view known from his album Don Quixote (1988), how he looked at the killings of the Palestineans “Under Zions Cold Star” as the song is called.

Strange how everybody saying agains this dark brotherhood of zionism end up inoperative, in one way or another.

And Under Zions Cold Star
I saw small girls who had fall
With stains of blood on their blouses
Where the bullets went in
Under Zions Cold Star
I saw the same blanc terrror
As i remember it
From Warszawa and Berlin

Title : Under Sions Kalla Stjærna
Artist: Bjørn Afzelius
Album: Don Quixote (1988)

Och under Sions kalla stjærna
Såg jag småflickor som fallit
Med blodrosor på blusarna
Dær kulorna trengt in
Under Sions kalla stjærna
Såg jag samma blanka terror
Som jag minns den
Från Warszawa och Berlin

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Kåre Willoch

The former Norwegian Prime Minister, Kåre Willoch, was told he is a anti-semit and shows hate towards jews, by jewish Mona Levin from Aftenposten in Norway in january 2009.

On question on how he looked at the prospects for the middle east with the new american presidency under Obama, he answered: “It is not looking too good, as he have chosen a Chief of Staff that is jewish“.

And then the peace was scattered in the land of the Midnight Sun. All political correct induviduals wanted a say in the discussions if this was antisemitic or not, for days and weeks in media.

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Israel Shahak

Israel Shahak (Hebrew: ישראל שחק‎, April 28, 1933 – July 2, 2001) was a Polish-born Israeli Professor of Chemistry at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the former president of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, and an outspoken critic of the Israeli government. Shahak’s writings on Judaism have been the source of considerable controversy.

In 1994 he published Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, in 1997 he published Open Secrets: Israel’s Nuclear and Foreign Policies, and in 1999 he published Jewish Fundamentalism In Israel, co-authored with Norton Mezvinsky. In the introduction to the last book, Mezvinsky and Shahak explained that, ‘We realize that by criticizing Jewish fundamentalism we are criticizing a part of the past that we love. We wish that members of every human grouping would criticize their own past, even before criticizing others’.

Victor Ostrovsky

“When Israels Mossad set out to break me, it found its helpers here at home”

by Victor Ostrovsky

Victor Ostrovsky published two books on his experiences as a former Intelligence agent working for the State of Israel: By Way of Deception and The Other side of Deception.

In these he recorded his personal observations made within Israel’s external security service, The Mossad. He wrote an article on what subsequently happened to him for the authoritative journal, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (October/November 1997, pp 37, 84-85).

Here we reproduce the article:

“We will get to him by other means, we will break him economically”, stated the chief of the Mossad, Israel’s CIA, to a Knesset committee after the failure of the government of Israel’s attempt to ban publication of my first book, By Way of Deception, in the U.S. and Canada. This statement made on camera was purposely leaked to an Israeli reporter and printed in the weekend edition of Ma’ariv, Israel’s leading daily newspaper, with the military censor’s approval. Since that day, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency has waged a war of attrition against me with the enthusiastic cooperation of its cabal of North American Zionist organizations.

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